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If you are looking for a web hosting company for your website or word press, Godaddy Webhosting Plans, should top your list. Speed, reliability, affordability and security are some of the top reasons that has made this company popular among its over a million customers based both in US and overseas.

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Go daddy webhosting plans
Whatever your business needs, Go daddy has the perfect web hosting plan for you designed to meet your business needs within your budget. Whether you are a startup, growing firm or scaling for heights, the economy plan, virtual server hosting or dedicated server hosting are designed with the needs of your business in mind. For startups, the economy plan is the best choice for you, not only because it is affordable, but due to the following additional features:

-A 10GB disk space which is more than enough for your startup needs
-100 Email accounts for ease of communication
-Unlimited bandwidth
-1 free website
-10 Linux OS MSQ Database as well as 1 MS Windows OS database

In addition, the economy plan offers a free domain registration for your website. No one understands the importance of personalized domain name for your business more than Go Daddy. The plan is available for just 3.99 dollars a month with other options for as long as 10-year plan. The long-term options like a year cost just about 59.9 dollars making Go Daddy the ideal web hosting company if you are looking for affordability and value for your money.

The dedicated web hosting plan and virtual private network is an ideal choice if your company is growing or scaling for heights. In addition to all the features available under economy plan like free domain registration, unlimited bandwidth, the dedicated web hosting offers additional features to meet the complicated needs of your complex business model. These features include:

-Unlimited websites
-500 or 1000 email addresses depending on whether you choose a Deluxe or ultimate plan
-5000GB/mo bandwidth storage
-A 2GB RAM disc-space
-Unlimited database

The dedicated plan is available for as low as 5.99 dollars a month with an even cheaper annual plan at 70 dollars.

Security is one of the main concerns when choosing a web hosting company and no one understands the importance of website security more than Go Daddy. All Godaddy Webhosting Plans have security features unlike other web hosting companies which offer security features for the advanced plans only. The economy plan for instance uses spam detection for all email accounts as well as control panel.
Secure socket layer also known as (SSL) is another security feature that is available to all Godaddy Webhosting Plans. The SSL allows safe transmission of private information making your website a secure URL. Imagine how we would conduct online transactions like online shopping without a guarantee that your credit card information is kept private, hence the SSL makes it easier to conduct eCommerce through websites hosted by Go Daddy.

Nothing can be as frustrating as having a web hosting provider with poor customer service and Go daddy understands this well. All Godaddy Webhosting Plans have a 24/7 customer support service available in live chats, phone calls, email, online forums or even through social media platforms. The response time is less than 5 minutes even for the basic customer service needs and shorter for high priority or emergency needs. Imagine your website going down and you can’t access customer service? well with Go Daddy, you will never have to worry about such scenarios.

Customer reviews indicate that Go Daddy is rated a 5 star web hosting company and after reviewing all that they have to offer, it’s easy to see why. If you are looking for a rare combination of affordability, reliability, quality, safe and fast web hosting service provider, then choose Go Daddy.

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